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Day 1 in Dublin

The Busters had a free day and so elected to do various activities. Most decided to go on the “Hop-On-Hop-Off” tour bus to get an idea of Dublin’s main features and attractions. Others headed off to the National gallery or University of Dublin or shopping… or shopping.

Probably the most popular stop (bus or otherwise) was at the Library at Trinity College at the University of Dublin where the famous “Book of Kells” is kept. This Christian biblical work is reputed to be the most valuable book in the world. The book collection in the Long Hall on the second floor contains not only the book(s) of Kells, but a stunning collection of ancient books and a copy every publication ever made in Ireland.

We walked along Pearse Street from the Apartments to Trinity College and passed some interesting sights. Above is the Regatta race course which is a dedged canal section connected to the River Liffey.

A scouting party today checked out the coastal area near Howth on the Irish Sea – about 30 minutes east of Dublin. It was then officially determined to be a beautiful location with coastal cliffs that take your breath away.
There is a coastal cliff walk with a 300-500′ drop down onto the rocks and sea below.
In Day 2 (tomorrow), a larger group plans to be off at 7:30 am to pay this area a visit before returning to Dublin for the dragon boat practice session scheduled for noon.

At the end of the day, there was a treat – dinner and entertainment at the Landsdown Hotel with the “Irish House Party” traditional Irish music and dance group.

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