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The Nanaimo Dragonboat Festival, July 10-12, 2009

On the Nanaimo Dragonboat website, the July 10-12 dragonboat festival is described as:

“…three days of passion, pleasure and pain that brings all of Nanaimo to the Centre of town to witness our cities finest compete against teams from all over North America. This is Nanaimo’s finest festival….paddlers united in the fight to beat cancer.”

Then there were the races

More partying..., was that 12 oysters Janet?

More racing...

...and what else? More partying...

Photos – Marvin and Colleen

“King Henry has commanded his court to attend in Nanaimo to enjoy the boat races. Come and partake in a throwback in time to the medieval days!! Party atmosphere guaranteed. Sit back and enjoy the show, as Henry’s medieval court gathers to be entertained by a breathtaking and magical display for your delight. You could be forgiven for thinking that you’ve stepped back in time. But you’ll know it’s no illusion when King Henry’s dancing wenches invite you to join in the show! Included is a delicious medieval style dinner all served by only the finest wenches in the land. Get into the fun by dressing in costume. See medieval entertainment from jousting knights and strolling players, singing and playing medieval ballads. Jugglers and jesters all perform for you, but beware, if you are not careful you may end up in the stocks. Two hours of nonstop laughter and fun followed by music and dancing.”

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