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False Creek Spring Knockout Regatta

May 9, 2015.

What a day and a great start to the 2015 season!  It turned out we had a 2nd Knockout Round!!! Whaaaaa??? We made it to the final race of that round too! 11 races in total for the day!! Our 3 newbies (Cory, Elizabeth and Lisa) earned their coveted “Paddle Sticker”; Sharon was on hand to give Ruthie managing tips; Laurie got in the drummer’s seat giving Janet W. a chance to paddle with the team and Liz steered our boat to a Team Personal Best time at the 200M of 59.82!!!

Our motivation today…. our team captain Diane! This one was for you.

LOOK at this venue!!!

"Manager of the Day" Ruthie sharing the results...a Team Personal Best time of 59.82 at 200M!!!

The "Newbies"

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