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False Creek Women’s Regatta

May 28, 2016

Youza it was a wet one!!!  THE Wettest day of the year AND the MOST rain recorded for ANY day in May since 2001!!

After many delays and with the weather not looking like it was going to get any better…the team voted and the majority agreed to pack it in for the day after our first race. Eight other teams had already gone home and an ambulance was on sight handling a few cases of hypothermia. According to some of the veterans on the team, this was only the second time the team has not stayed to the end. That’s how wet it was!

The results from our one and only 500m race of the day were as follows:

  • First Place:  Abreast with FORTitude – 2:43.573
  • Second Place:  North Shore Dragon Busters – 2:48.978
  • Third Place:  Seattle Flying Valkyries – 2:51.274
  • Fourth Place:  Sea Gals – 2:54.935

A couple of Thank-you’s!

To Gaye for taking on the Manager-of-the-Day responsibilities at the last minute!  Her trekking poncho came in handy to keep all your valuables dry even though she may have knocked down a few people along the way with her Hunchback of Notre Dame impression.

And to Bill (Ruthie’s husband) for being on his way to rescue us with hot soup and dry clothes. Truly a Knight in Shining Armour!!

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