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Annual Picnic Table Picnic

August 13, 2016.

From Ruthie:

We had our annual team picnic organized by the very able social committee, Gill and Elizabeth, under the direction of Gloria, who seems to cart a lot of heavy stuff and remembers to include anything anyone could possibly need or imagine, including a broom and rake to clean up the picnic spot!

Thanks to Elizabeth for picking up the tents and putting them up to protect us – and our food – from the sun. The food was wonderful and plentiful. And we had some very important alumnae show up – Lou Moreau, Val Sommer, Val Lawrence, Lori BB and Marv, Janet Baxter, Pam Robbins, Kathy Brett, Chris Blades. It was sooo good to see you all and catch up on your news. Big thanks to Sharon for warding off any potential usurpers of our table by sitting and guarding our stuff while we were at practice. And the weather – well – does perfect describe it? Sorry to the rest of you who missed it. Maybe next year…

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