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Dundarave Festival of Lights

West Vancouver, December, 2010

As described by the Dundarave Festival of Lights website:

From the exuberantly druidic steps of Morris dancing to show tunes and children’s choirs, the Dundarave Festival of Lights lets the best spirit of our community blaze out in the darkest time of the year. It gathers us together as neighbours and friends in the pure joy of music. The Festival offers four Saturdays of fabulously festive and free entertainment, from the Dundarave Christmas Fair on November 27 to the legendary Bonfire Night on December 18.

Each year, the Dragon Busters contributes a Christmas tree that is decorated with hand-made decorations. This year the message was that of Hope, Courage and Strength. And this year, we remembered Susie, Gail and Joan in the decorations.

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