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Dundarave Festival of Lights

Once again this year, the Dragon Busters were enthusiastic supporters of the Dundarave Festival of LIghts which supports the LOOKOUT Society.  LOOKOUT provides many programs of support for The Homeless in Vancouver. Once again, the weather cooperated by providing a truly typical November-in-Vancouver experience – RAIN! Undaunted, the ‘Busters happily faced the weather with Rain Gear, hot chocolate and Marian’s hospitality back at her office in Dundarave complete with a Wine/Soup/Brie spread.

Looks like snow, but its actually great big rain drops caught in the camera flash.

Dusk in the rain.

Dragon Busters Tree (far left) all lit up in blue.

High School Marching Band in the huge tent provided "power" Christmas tunes!

The Tiddly Cove "Black Sheep" Morris Men (above) put on their Red-Lion-fuelled exuberant display of dance complete with a Christmas Play.

The plot was a little unclear, but involved pizzas, HP sauce, St. George, death, strong drink, and Father Christmas. The Morris "men" also included lots of women and for some reason all wore black clothes and black face paint.

Thanks for the wonderful hospitality Marian!

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