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Garage Sale Fundraiser

From Money-Penny:

What a day! Our goal was $1,500.00 Our final net is around $940.00. We also sold some socks, and we sold some pedometers. And we had 22 crew either there or participating at some point. That’s pretty amazing.

Too bad the weather sucked. Too bad it was a Sunday. Thank goodness we had Lisa’s house to escape into for food and warmth. And thank goodness we were our own best customers! Personally, I’d rather sell socks and ice-cream. But we had a bunch that wanted a garage sale, and we did it.And it was a good “bonding” day for sure. Always good for T & T, Robyn and Ligia. I hope everyone took this opportunity to clear out some of their junk. It certainly looked like it to me. An amazing amount of stuff. But one persons junk is another’s treasure. Some of that stuff, I would have bet that it wouldn’t go… and gone it was. Now we just have to clean up Lisa’s. I hope everyone is on that. Thanks to everyone for Sunday. Thank you Lisa for your wonderful food. Yum Yum. And to everyone one else who brought us treats to keep us going.

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