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Griffins Boxing & Fitness 50/50 

Congratulations to Griffins Boxing and Fitness on 17 years! Since 2012, Griffins has welcomed and supported our team by providing top-notch cross-training to help improve our fitness on and off the water. Dave Brett & his team continue to raise funds for our team through sticker sales and 50/50 draws at Fight Nights. You are a true example of a community leader.

And, congratulations to all the winners of the Fight Night 50/50 raffles!

The 2022 BC Provincial Boxing Championships were held February 11-13th at Griffins Boxing and Fitness and what a weekend it was!! 120 athletes from all over the province. 23 Clubs. 81 bouts in total. We held two 50/50 raffles and raised $935 for our team. Special thanks to Lisa (3rd from left) who is a regular supporter of our raffles and who donated her portion back to our team!
Griffins Boxing and Fitness Saturday Night Boxing #76 is a WRAP! 13 fights which included 8 Griffins athletes. Many Thanks to the huge crowd and Dave Brett for the unwavering support of our team! We almost maxed out on 50/50 tickets sales!! Congratulations to 50/50 winner Chris T who took home $470!
The first rebranded live boxing event of the 2022 fall season called “Evening at Ringside #78” was held at Griffins Boxing and Fitness on Friday, October 14th! Ten bouts with Griffins athletes competing in about half of them. Early in the evening, we sold tickets to two sisters. One happened to be a breast cancer survivor. Later when the winning ticket was drawn, who approached the ring to collect the winnings but the “survivor” sister. Sometimes, it just works out the way it’s intended. Congratulations to Rene R who took home $410!
Griffins Boxing and Fitness' final Fight Night #77 of the season was held on Friday, June 24th. Nine fights on the card with athletes representing 10 different clubs. Thanks to a very generous crowd, we maxed out on 50/50 ticket sales!! The winner was Jay P, who lost his grandmother to breast cancer so was very happy to be supporting our team and even happier to have won!
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