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False Creek Spring Knockout Regatta

May 14, 2016

First regatta of the year. 200m races. And as the name suggests…you keep racing until you are knocked out. Up to 3 races per knockout round.

We finished our first race with a 1:02.290 and our second race with 1:00.79!! This was enough to seed us in the Competitive Knockout Division (top 7 teams of 13 after qualifiers). A first for us! Unfortunately we were eliminated in the first round but had a time of 1:00.89.

The semi-final heat was next. We placed third with a time of 1:03.920 and on to the Division E Knockout Finals. We placed 4th out of 7 teams with a time of 1:04.960 to advance to the next race. Again we placed 4th (1:04.30) out of 5 teams but as this was a double knockout we did not advance to the final round.

Congrats to Delaina for earning her coveted “Paddle Sticker” for competing in her first regatta!

Thanks to our Manager-of-the-Day Di Mac for keeping us on track!

A great day of racing all-round!

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