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Relay for Life, June 13, 2009

Inspirational 12-hour event at Mahon Park, North Vancouver on June 13, 2009. This was such a fun day for our whole team. We did not have a practice on the day of the Relay and so got to spend all day or part of the day doing all kinds of fun stuff. Lail did such a good job last year with our theme laps that she was in charge again this year – doing an equally brilliant job. There was breakfast and the Survivors’ Victory Lap was the first lap of the event – the time went by very fast. There was also a dinner put on by the Keg Restaurant which was very good.

"Tent City" at the north end of the track

The "Over Under" lap

Proof that no-one was allowed to become bored

The track was lined with luminary bags dedicated to loved ones

You could either sit and listen to the live music...or dance to it.

The emergency services lads get a chance to kick up some dust

Steak or chicken?

Photos – John Whalen

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